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The Cherry on the Top

July 17, 2010

I have been given an AWARD, readers! And not just any award- it’s a mofo CUPCAKE award. If I wasn’t such a hardened cyncical bitch, I would write you up a Celine-Dion-at-the-Grammies acceptance speech. My heart will, after all, go on. And on.

But I am a hardened, cynical bitch, so I will not. Instead, I will follow the mofo Cupcake Award rules:

1. Thank the person who tagged you. Thank you Seeking Elevation! Seeking Elevation and I have a love-hate relationship– I love her blog, and I hate that she is a better writer than I am. You should click your arse over there right now and read her. She deserves fawning minions. And comments. Don’t forget to comment. Bloggers get little bloggy erections over those things.

2. Insert award into post:

3. Name 3 things you love about yourself. This is suspiciously therapeutic, but here goes:  I make people laugh, I am pretty smart, and I have cute little smurfy toes. Okay, enough with the touchy-feely self-esteem shit.

4. Post a photo that you love. Going to cheat here and post two, because as a middle-aged mother, I have 10,000 digital photos to choose from. The first is a picture of me and my daughter on the Great Wall of China, taken about a week after she came to us (and a few weeks before I had time to take care of the David Cassidy hair disaster).

The second is a more recent shot that shows my favourite of her smiles:

[I am too still a hardened, cynical bitch.]

5. Tag 5 people to pass this award along to. Again, you should totally click your arse over and read these folks. They are all parents, but if you call them Mommy Bloggers, I will probably have to cut you.

So where does this leave Humanity? I suppose it could be a point for the Apocalypse when someone like me (reminder: hardened cynical bitch) gets a mofo Cupcake Award. But I LOVE my mofo Cupcake Award. So I think I will award the point to Humanity for the very existence of blog culture. Because although I will never meet any of these women, they are somehow dear friends, and if Humanity is capable of coming up with a system that allows you to feel connected to people you will never meet, then it deserves at least one big fat point from me.

The Apocalypse: 13.5

Humanity: 12

From → 1 for Humanity

  1. I have a bloggy erection.

  2. Coco permalink

    I will happily take ANY award that includes cupcakes. Mmm. Cupcakes.

    Thanks, my friend! I will have to think about who I can pass this on to. 🙂

    • No need to thank me. I feel like I am sitting in the cafeteria with the cool kids.

  3. Yum, cupcakes. The mere thought makes me drool.

    Thanks so much for thinking of me. I’m flattered.

    • You are welcome. And I totally picked you way before I saw your name on that BlogHer judges list.

  4. Wow! Thank you! I’m humbled to be included with the other recipients who are WAY better at this blogging thing than little old me. Cupcakes of all varieties, especially, mofo Cupcakes, make me very happy.

    • I will not stand for this self-deprecation, Young Lady. Your writing has caused me to laugh espresso through my nose. Espresso, damnit!

      By the way, my lawyers are still preparing the case.

      • mummaboox2 permalink

        Espresso? Well, hell, I’d sue me, too. That shit is expensive. And burny. How about we settle out of court? I’ll pay you in ice cream sandwiches.

      • I cannot be bought! Rented, yes, but not bought!

  5. Aw, this award rocks my socks off. Especially because cuppity cakes? AWESOME!

    • It was the least I could do, since you have helped me not give up on blogging 47 times in the last six months.

  6. bloggy erection…..lmao!

  7. Virtual? mmm….ok.

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