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Pamela Anderson’s parts

July 15, 2010

Montreal is known for its generous legal drinking age (18), full-contact lap dances, gay bath houses, 3:00 am last call, and strip clubs across from cathedrals. So it comes as a bit of a surprise that the city refused to give Pamela Anderson a permit to launch her vegetarian ad campaign.

Pamela is a tireless crusader for the tiresome PETA and her new gig is this picture of her in a bikini with the major meat cuts marked out in dotted lines:

I don’t even know where to begin.

Let’s start with a couple of tasty quotes from the PETA website:

Just like humans, animals are made of flesh, blood, and bone and have organs and senses.

[However, unlike humans, animals are not likely to have their flesh liposuctioned, botoxed, pumped full of silicon or airbrushed beyond all recognition.]

Animals also have emotions and unique personalities, feel pain, and create families and relationships with other animals, if given the chance.

[And this photo demonstrates Anderson’s unique personality and capacity to feel pain and create a family and relationships how, exactly?]

Pamela, who is (sadly) Canadian, is appalled by the puritanical response of our city council. According to her US Magazine interview, anyway:

In some parts of the world, women are forced to cover their whole bodies with burqas — is that next?

BURQAS? Really, Pamela? Really? Your permit refusal is at the top of a slippery slope that ends in mandatory, maple-leaf emblazoned BURQAS?

For the record, Montreal is wall-to-wall sleazy billboard advertising. My favourites are the sultry, long-haired models lying strung-out on the ground in tight little dresses. I think they are supposed to make me want to buy new outfits, but my reaction is usually more like, “Oh, look- that poor skank got run over by a bicycle.” But I digress. The city has no intention of limiting the ad campaign, which will probably be plastered all over the place in the next 24 hours. What they have refused is to issue a permit to use municipal property to launch it. Because it is fucking sexist and degrading.

[I suppose calling the strung-out, long-haired, tight-dressed model a skank is fucking sexist and degrading too, isn’t it?]

My blatant hypocrisy aside, there is a point for humanity here, and it goes to Josée Rochefort:

“We, as public officials representing a municipal government, cannot endorse this image of Ms. Anderson,” wrote Josée Rochefort, an official in charge of issuing permits with the city’s television and film office. “It is not so much controversial as it goes against all principles public organizations are fighting for in the everlasting battle of equality between men and women.”

The Apocalypse: 13.5

Humanity: 11

  1. Coco permalink

    Hey – I found you via Mumma Boo and I am SO glad I clicked over because you have just given me my daily BWAH HA HA, which I sorely needed.

    I’m tempted to steal your brilliant humanity scoring system, but instead I’ll just read along and admire.


    • Welcome! And consider it a fair return- your comments at Mumma Boo and Mommy Wants Vodka have cracked me up more times than I can count.

  2. Hmmm, interesting to note that her head is not for sale. Pamela Anderson Head Cheese – yeah, I guess it is kind of redundant.

    And, aww, there I go, spreading the love again without even knowing it. 😉

    • And this is why we love you.

      I too noticed that they neglected to label her brain, but I thought that was over the top to mention even for me…

    • Coco permalink

      Pammy’s head isn’t for sale because there’s a sign inside her skull that says “Space for Rent – no freaks.”

      • What? She suddenly developed standards after Tommy Lee and Kid Rock?

  3. Coco permalink

    Tommy Lee and Kid Wreck WERE the standards. Kinda makes you wonder what the “freaks” are like, huh?

  4. Somehow it adds to the hilarity that a) airbrush dude got a little carried away (check out that knee… not quite right!) and 2) I am 99% sure that the head shot doesn’t belong to that body anyhow! (Lighting is slightly different on her face, her head is a little too big, and the muscles in the neck and shoulder area are not doing what real muscles would do in that pose!)

    That, and I don’t ever remember seeing the “breast” cut at the butcher’s…

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