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Philosophy of boredom*

August 27, 2011

Spending a Saturday morning in a conference on the anthropology and philosophy of suicide was a fucking awesome idea.

First of all, today’s conference combines the sheer incomprehensibility of Thursday’s sessions on the neurobiology of suicide with the mind-crushing boredom of Friday’s statistical representations of populational subgroups of suicide attempters and completers. (Yes, that’s what we call them. We’re totally human like that.)

Second, the current presenter’s main focus seems to be to question the validity of the hyper-specialization of science– in a room full of hyper-specialized scientific researchers– and this creates a delightful atmosphere on thinly veiled hostility in the audience around me.

Third, there are ample references to Michel Foucault, a deep thinker who baffled and demoralized me throughout an entire master’s degree.

And finally, although I consider myself fluently bilingual and work and teach primarily in French, the presenter’s monotonous Parisian accent is making me suicidal myself.

Where does this leave Humanity? Down a point for experts who decry the hyper-specialization of science in language too complicated for non-specialists like me.

The Apocalypse: 30
Humanity: 23.5

* Nobody wants to read pathetic excuses about months of blog neglect, right?

  1. Donna T permalink

    Too bad. Academics are charmed by academia. They can take the most emotional of topics and dehumanize them with impossible rhetoric designed to dull the senses. Been there. Experienced it.I have often wondered if some of these people study psychology/psychiatry in an attempt to heal themselves, but never really get there??? Hang in there. Usiually you can take away something if you concentrate and beat your way through the crap.

  2. Hee hee. Your job is fascinating. I’m sure the learning behind it all is not, but. . .you know. I’m one of those jackasses who adores academia. I love the whole sitting around and talking and thinking about shit but not really DOING anything. That’s right up my alley. It always makes me want to ask if someone’s ordered a pizza yet.

    Glad you’re back. I still owe you a guest post. I told you I’m a jackass.

    • I am a teacher, which explains my lack of respect for academics. I think it should be illegal to have more than two post-docs in the same room.

      Maybe we can postpone the guest post to a month when you don’t have to get emergency medical care for one of your children. Jackass.

  3. Yeah. I deserve that ‘jackass.’ Sigh. The swelling’s gone down, though. That’s good, right? Who knew that after the swelling goes down, the black and blues come up?

  4. mummaboox2 permalink

    Well, that sounds like a fantastic weekend. *coughs* I sincerely hope you were taking copious notes on your laptop. And by copious notes, I mean playing on FB. 🙂 Glad you’re back! I missed you!

  5. Attempters and completers, huh? The old adage “if at first you don’t succeed …” comes to mind.

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