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Montreal swingers score 2nd point for humanity

May 22, 2011

Having appointed myself arbiter of the fate of Humanity, I probably should have been live blogging the whole May 21st Not-The-Rapture-After-All. But my daughter went to her first sleep-away camp this weekend and it seemed a better use of my time to get drunk and have sex with my girlfriend. Especially since this time we had the foresight to arrange a kennel for the dog so he would not interrupt us making out on the couch by dropping drooly dog toys in our laps. So much for building my brand through search engine optimization.

I am too tired now for a long post, but I promised a couple of points this week for Humanity. Since I am still in the hazy good mood that follows being (copiously) laid, I’m going to see that through. This week’s point to Humanity goes to  Mouna Andraos and Melissa Mongiat for their art installation 21 Swings:

This exhibit is designed to be an experiment in cooperation, which is nice enough. But I walk by this several times a week and I can tell you that the real power of these swings is play. First thing in the morning, they are used by the urban poor– many of whom seem to be Inuit street people. As rush hour starts, you get professionals in business suits and high heels swinging away as they wait for the bus across the street. After school and weekends, it’s a mix of families and tourists, but with as many or more adults than kids. Swinging away, smiling. And if adults are willing to cast dignity aside and play on the swings, there has to be some hope for Humanity.

The Apocalypse: 29

Humanity: 23.5

  1. You’re awesome. It sounds like sleep-away camp worked out well for everybody. Now how old does one’s spawn have to be for that???

    • 8 for multiple nights. But 6 for one night. You can get a lot done in one night…

  2. I miss you (again).

    Six? That’s not too bad. I have two years to start making a list of things to do on that one night.

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