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The inevitable G8 point for the Apocalypse

June 27, 2010

I’ve been trying to write a post about the Toronto G8 Summit all week. After all, Humanity had just about tied things up and there are so many angles to cover. Hundreds of millions of dollars of recession tax dollars wasted on the Fake Lake media centre and ridiculously high levels of security. World leaders making empty promises about the billions they will spend on maternal and child health with no mention of how they are already $20 billion behind on previous rounds of empty promises. The fact that Canada’s contribution cannot be used to fund abortions. Or that Bill Gates and his wife are making up about a third of the total contribution of the world’s riches countries. (I’m writing this on a Mac, but I heart you, Bill Gates). I mean, yes, it’s a recession, but for a real sense of how much more we should be doing, here’s the opening paragraph from Oxfam Ambassador Bill Nighy’s blog:

I arrived at the G8 by a roundabout route. Just a day earlier, I was standing in Dandora, a toxic tip on the edge of Nairobi where little girls as young as five-years-old live on a mound composed of toxic and human waste. They survive by competing with wild pigs for scraps of rubbish, forced to sell their bodies to get access to the richest pickings.

And then there’s the police brutality. From the outset, I had a feeling my post would center on that aspect, because thinking about the real issues of the summit would grind my soul down to a fine powdery ash.

Now, this blog is not journalism, and it’s not even serious overall. But I figured I should go through some media sources for numbers and facts, because you can’t just pull a story like this out of your ass, right?

In fact, you can pull this story out of your ass, because it’s the same story every time more than 20 people protest anything at all. There are 2 riot police for every protester. Innocent people are beaten with batons, tear-gassed, and shot with rubber bullets because they were sitting quietly on the grass. Journalists are shoved to the ground and punched out. People are illegally searched and arrested. And then a small group of individuals bent on committed Crimes Against Property, some of whom may be undercover cops, smash a few minivans and some store windows and the bovine Canadian voter says, “Gee, I guess they had to spend all that money on security after all.” Then we tut tut over how a few stupid thugs ruined the protest for everyone and forget that the real violence- the smashing of skulls rather than windows- was done by the police.

I mean, we can check out the coverage from mainstream media sources like the CBC or read accounts from the Toronto Media Coop that are a little closer to what actually happened . But the Apocalypse bonus point comes from the fact that we don’t even have to.

The Apocalypse: 12.5

Humanity: 10

  1. Unfortunately, the bureaucrats have their heads so far up their asses that whatever huge proclamations of progress they claim to take away from the summit will be swallowed in shite the minute they get back to their respective countries. Are these meetings worth anything really? I doubt it.

  2. I agree. The only bright spot is that an election is looming and this may shake up enough voters to help depose our reptilian PM.

  3. I suppose that was a given, huh?

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