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Involuntary guest post: On Warriors

May 24, 2010

Apparently, mothering did not provide enough stress and sleep deprivation, so we decided to get a puppy. (For an overdose of cute, click here. I am not going to put it on this page and ruin my reputation for being a hardened, cynical bitch).

So no post from me for the week. Instead, I offer a comment from my previous blog by my brilliant friend Sara, who is way cooler than I am anyway. I think I must have mentioned at some point that I might like to use it and she didn’t threaten a law suit, so we’ll go ahead and assume I have permission. Humanity needs the point.

I never would have thought my kid would learn about love from his karate teacher.

Today, when I went to pick him up from his Karate class (he’s 6), I caught the tail end of the lesson. All the kids were sitting cross-legged in a circle, and the instructor was talking about warriors. He asked them “What is a warrior?” And got a bunch of typical 6-8 year old answers. He asked them to name a few warriors. The kids came out with “Jackie Chan” and “Jean-Claude Van Dam”.

Then he asked “how many of you have warriors at your house?” Nobody flinched. He said “Most of you have two or even three warriors who live with you.” Mass confusion.“Do you know who the strongest warriors in the world are? The most powerful? WAY more powerful than Jackie or Jean-Claude? Stronger than anyone who can fight or anyone with a gun?

YOUR PARENTS are the most powerful warriors on earth. A warrior is someone who will fight to the death for what they believe in. And your parents would fight to the death for you. Because they believe in you. They love you that much. There’s no other warrior on earth who’s stronger than your parents. Remember that.”

And that’s how he ended the lesson.

So I’m quietly crying in the corner. I’m sure my son, with his ninja-aspirations, was mortified. But this guy had just given my kid what I was so afraid he might never understand. It came from an outside source. Someone I don’t even know. My kid went in there to learn how to be a ninja turtle and he came out with a real comprehension of the powerful force that is the love I have for him. Straight from the karate teacher’s mouth. And guess what? I’m a WARRIOR! WHOOT!!!

The Apocalypse: 10.5

Humanity: 10

  1. Elah permalink

    I’m honored. Thanks, Friend. (notice capitalization) xoxoxoxoxo

  2. That is an amazing teacher. What a great lesson! Thank you for sharing it with us. We all need a little reminder some days of how awesome it really is to be a parent.

    *hums Patty Smythe’s “Warrior”* (which has nothing to do with being a parent, but is now on loop in my head)

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