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Terry Fox still makes me cry

April 12, 2010

I was 13 years old when Terry Fox dipped his foot in the Atlantic ocean and set off to run across Canada to raise money for cancer. I remember watching him on the news one night, a crazy one-legged guy hopping along the side of the highway, with a van and a couple of police cars between him and the road. It’s the 30th anniversary of his Marathon of Hope this week, and this kid still makes me cry.

Terry was the first to use what has become a common cross-country stunt, so it took a while for people to catch on, and at first his goal of raising a million dollars seemed like a joke. But he kept running. He ran a marathon every day for a 143 days straight. On one good leg.

Lung cancer put an end to his marathon and his young life, but 30 years and $500 million dollars later, people still run in his memory. If, like me, you remember where you were the day they told you that he’d died, I invite you to watch this bit of footage. And I won’t laugh at you if you cry.*

Humanity 7

The Apolcalypse 6.5

*Not crying yet? Read this. Or this.

One Comment
  1. Thank you for not laughing at me. He was truly inspirational.

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