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Canadian government discovers birth control!

March 19, 2010

After a wave of public outrage, the Canadian government has decided that no, it “will not close the door on contraception” in its maternal and child health initiative for the upcoming G8 meeting. Congratulations, Harper government, for discovering, in 2010, the importance of access to voluntary birth control for women all over the world! So, so proud to be Canadian.

Because, you see, ever since we elected this man, I have been worried about his very strong ties to very conservative Christians and the hidden agenda of what many Canadians consider our new Theocracy. (Christian or not, most folks like our church and state very separate up here in Canada.)

When the maternal and child health aid initiative was discussed in the House earlier,”Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon insisted that contraception would not be part of it.” [From our friends at the CBC] Evil journalists twisting the message of a well-meaning politician? Nope. According to Lawrence “Loose” Cannon:

“I’m not saying I was misquoted, I was quoted perfectly. And I did made a mistake in making that determination. It wasn’t what should have been said.”

Because, apparently, our Foreign Affairs Minister had no idea what the government’s position was on birth control, and this on the eve of our hosting the next G8 meeting with a huge political focus on maternal and child health.

And, apparently, our Foreign Affairs Minister personally does not support providing access to birth control for women around the world. Can I just say Foreign Affairs Minister again? Because this man is a CABINET minister. Representing Foreign Affairs.

But take heart, reasonable Canadians everywhere. Family planning is not being ruled out. There is no commitment from your government to help fund it as part of our foreign aid program, but it is not being ruled out. Yay!

Big score for the apocalypse.

Humanity 6

The Apocalypse 5.5

  1. Another politician with his head firmly up his ass? What are the odds? I guess I should take heart that it’s not only American politicians who are major jack-asses, but sadly, I don’t find it comforting.

    (And way to freak me out, woman, changing themes mid-comment!!) 😉

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