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Tom Petty scores for humanity

March 18, 2010

My job is training for professionals. Never mind where or who or what – I may need to bitch my way into lawsuit territory some day and I would rather not get too specific. What you really need to know is that my training session lasts 3 days. Three very demanding days for me and my participants. So when I realize at the end of the day 1 that one of my participants is personality disordered, it’s a long, long haul to end.

Now, if I were going to award a point to the Apocalypse, this post would be all about narcissistic arseholes who show up at a free training session subsidized by the government to learn how to do something essential to their jobs  from a non-profit organization recognized as a  leader in the field, and who then spend all their time bitching, complaining, and verbally attacking the trainer for crimes such as providing a google map of local restaurants instead of a free boxed lunch.

But it’s not. Instead, it’s about the coping.  And I really could not have coped with day 2 of this training if it weren’t for Tom Petty. Well, not just Tom Petty. Also the Heartbreakers. Because walking to work in the sunshine with Here Comes My Girl blasting on the iPod helps me to cope with just about everything.

Tom, if you’re out there, I am awarding Humanity 1 point in your honour. Thank you.

Now how about you, Interwebs? Whose music helps you cope with the arseholes of the world?

Humanity: 6

The Apocalypse: 4.5

  1. I don’t know if I could pinpoint just one artist, but a little Van Halen thrown in with a side of KC & the Sunshine Band has been known to perk up my spirits. Thank you, Tom. It looked like the apocalypse was gaining on us there for a minute.

    • KC & the Sunshine Band? Something tells me you too once had a Bay City Rollers poster on your wall…

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