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Now we take Manhattan

March 8, 2010

I’ve never been to New York (which, as a Montrealer, makes me an untravelled provincial freak), but I have seen enough Woody Allen movies and episodes of What not to wear (shut up) to have a clear picture of Manhattan as a world capital of sophistication. Museums, universities, Broadway, Central Park, Stacy and Clinton (I said shut up)- Manhattan is a world-class cultural centre.

And now they also have poutine! Yes, poutine, that combination of french fries, curd cheese and gravy that Canadians sheepishly call their own. Although it seems to be available at a handful of establishments, I direct your attention to Quebec ex-pat Thierry Pepin’s  T Poutine, a restaurant that has “liberated the French fry from its loveless marriage to the hamburger and introduced it to a world of new ingredients”. In addition to the classic, they serve a Montreal Meatlover with smoked meat (or its bastard cousin pastrami, but we’ll give them the benefit of the doubt), the vegetarian Treehugger, and the uber-sophisticated poutine with blue cheese.

Poutine, the ultimate dish of the people, invented in rural Quebec and enthusiastically embraced by late-night drinkers across Canada, seems poised to take over New York City. And that, my friends, is a point for humanity:

The apocalypse: 3.5

Humanity 3

  1. Ok, darn it, now I want french fries smothered in bacon and cheese for breakfast.

  2. Don’t forget the gravy. And curd cheese. None of that grated mozza crap.

    • mummaboox2 permalink

      Well, you can keep the gravy, as I’m not a big fan. Maybe just a little on the side? Tell you what – meet me in Manhattan at T Poutine and we’ll test the menu. Sound good?

      • Name the day. We can get you the Poutine Italienne- with a lovely sauce instead of gravy. But I am holding fast on the curd cheese and it has to squeak when you bite into it (trust me).

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